Shipping & Cost

Free delivery?


Why our products can take more than 1 week for delivery?

We are a small online shop and most of our products are handmade, we need time to do all process.

How long can take to process my order?


1) Receive the payment in 1-3 working days

2) We process your orde

3) If your product is sold out and we don't have stock, we have to make it.

Timing to make the product?

1) Can be around 1 or 2 weeks, depending on which kind of product.

2) Once the order is ready we will let you know throw email that your order is on the way to you. We want you to enjoy our product, as soon as possible.

Where is my package?

To know where your package it's, just sent  a dm and we will get back to you.

Shipping Time:

Our order processing currently takes around 1-2 weeks, please we ask you to be patient due the current COVID-19 situation as the shipping is slowed down and can takes around 2-3 weeks

Where are the prodcuts shipped?

Usually we ship from few warehouses: the USA, Europe & Asia. Depending where your order has been made, we will ship from the closest one.