A bit of piece why I create this e-commerce

Welcome to ZOI Decor 🤗
My name is Zoi, the online shop story begins when my world starts falling aparts. Some shops only tell you the beauty of their stories, I will like to share my honest truth.
With the new crisis for COVID-19 all my work decorating houses had to stop and debts came after many months without any job at all ⚠️. I was going crazy thinking what I can do? I had many ideas in my mind, one was selling Organic Products and Sustainability, Aromatherapy and the last one Home Decor 🏡.
For now I am based in Bali 🏝️ so, I thought could be a very nice option because here we have a bunch of decoration products and is easier to get inspire...  I said, why not home decor shop?

I'm a very positive and optimistic person, I think with hard work, putting your heart in what you do and good energy, the ideas always come out.

And.... one night I thought what if I put my experience of decorating houses, maximizing spaces, and always trying to find the best prices for my customers. I start to feel more motivated and start right away to look for more information 🧐. So I started to text many suppliers and they were happy to collaborate on my project. I would love to help you to decorate your home. 

 I have carefully collected the best collection inspired by two different continents that I really love. This will be a virtual space where you can experience my passion for finding beautiful pieces and helping you to decorate your house, DM 💌 If you need extra help.

This is my story now let's create yours ❣️