Boho Home Decoration Trend

New trend - Boho Home Decoration


Wherever you go in Bali, you will see many places including villa and cafes are decorating their space with Boho Style. Is this a trend? And how does Boho Home Decoration looks like? 

Boho Home Decor Trend 

In 2019, bright and natural colors, as well as eco-friendly fabrics are the trend in the interior design world. It all reflected the desire of bringing nature to our daily life. 

With the mix of vintage looks, tropical vibes, and natural surroundings, these are the common thing you can find easily in the boho style home.



Boho Home Decor Looks

Boho home decor is all about experimenting. The easiest way to do it is by using the same color palette to the furniture and decoration. Mix and match between gypsy decor, vintage items, dreamy colors, and also using natural items. For us, Boho home style doesn't always follow the fancy rules. You can embrace the natural look of "unfinished" material on your decoration, like linen, woods, bamboo, rattan, and many more.

To choose local sources and unfinished look materials such as wood, plants, and other natural items also using warm colors to make it similar to natural surroundings are an important keys to achieving this flourishing and boho home aesthetic.



Therefore we have collected and grouped the best natural home decor in our shop. You can easily find it on the Bali Boho section or here 


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